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Yes this is our demo reel and yes we know that it's really, really old but in the mean time while we are busy making a brand spanking new one, just take out a couple of minutes to enjoy this blast from the past.

Stay tune for example samples of our work coming soon to this theatre. Our brand new state of the art Multiplex is designed to hi-lite some of our more favorite projects that we ever had the pleasure of working on. Also since we have to watch these all the time they might as well be something that we really like. Most importantly though, our clients really like them too.


Want to know exactly what we have done in the past for others? Well now here is your chance to get full disclosure of some of our more note worthy examples. The challenge is presented and the solution that lead to it's success. That's what we are all about, meeting the needs and goals of those who put their confidence in us to make their dreams come true.


Check here for Coming Attractions, events, things of interest, projects and the best of everything that we are working on or others that we know who are linked in. We like to promote not only the things that we do but also, we like to promote our client's businesses and events as well. One hand helping the other in order to achieve greater success.

Studio Briefs


So great all of this sounds great but you ask yourself ...."self how much is this gonna cost me?"  Fear not people, we have been working within strict budget limitations for many years now. Always respecting both budget and time schedules. To find out more just fill out the Request for Proposal Form and let us work with you in achieving your best options. Bringing a unique perspective to any project and by taking projects from beginning to end (not just doing only one small job on a project) is what we do. Hollywood East can bring in a project, (no matter the size) completed on budget and on time.

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